• Nova Siria, Hawle, Oz-Kan and Emirates Robotics team live from IWWA 2018, Goa, India

    22 Feb 2018

  • Live Duofit encapsulation on severe leak

    During the night of 3rd October, R2M Site Services installed an 32” Nova Siria Duofit encapsulation collar and repaired a severe leak at 5.5bar. The severity of the leak was such that a 50mm jet of water was ejecting from the pipe horizontally and was then making a vertical geyser approximately 20ft into the air.
    It was questioned as to the possibility of making a live repair although R2M Site Service’s experienced team were able to bring the leak under control with the main casings of the Duofit, which then suppressed all spray, enabling the end ring seals to be installed and the repair completed with a 100mm gate valves vent. This was still a challenging installation due to the heavy bitumen coating on the pipe which had to be cleaned off in order to gain a seal. This meant the installation took circa 6hours.
    The pipe measured 814mm which was perfect for the Duofit’s range of 800-830mm. The Duofit was supplied from R2M’stnadard stock range on a next day service.
    A shut off and conventional repair was highly prohibitive in this case as it would have disrupted supplies to approximately 68’000 homes and businesses.
    I full live, permanent repair was made with no disruption to any of the customers supplies.

    30 Oct 2017

  • Next international exhibitions









    04 Oct 2017

  • Summer Holidays

    Summer Holidays

    02 Aug 2017

  • Installation in Israel

    One of the leading water utilities in Israel, Meniv Rishon LeZion connected two Knife valves, 24", to a PE100 sewage pipeline.
    The installation was done by the contractor A.R. Itzhaki and included laying a PE100, 630 mm pipeline at the outlet of the pumping station.
    Alonim supplied four flanged Multigripcouplings with End Restraint systems in order to connect the pipe to the knife valves. The coupling was installed mechanically and can connect a flanged valve or any other flanged accessory on a PE100 pipe without welding.  
    The coupling can also be used for steel pipes and because of the  design of the coupling there is a  3°+/- angular deflection at the connecting point. In addition the coupling can connect pipes that have up to 30 mm difference in diameter-all this without welding. 
    The installation of the valve took only three hours long.

    19 Jul 2017

  • Successful emergency repair in Alaska

    The pipe is 36” SDR 11 HDPE.  The existing coupling that was installed on the project was a 36”competitor 400 Coupling – the HDPE pipe pulled out of the coupling within two years. The siphon needed to be repaired immediately to support the local infrastructure.
    Successful supply and time sensitive production on the 36” MultiGrip Couplings for Alaska from NOVA SIRIA.
    Owner: Chugach Electric Association, Inc.
    Contractor: McMillen     
    Engineer: MWH/Stantec

    15 Jun 2017

  • Nova Siria live from Vod-Kan exhibition - Poland

    Wod-Kan Exhibition in Bydgoszcz (Poland), from 16 to 18 May, is an important TRADE FAIR FOR WATER AND WASTEWATER TECHNOLOGY.

    17 May 2017

  • Installation in Israel

    Repair of a mechanical impingement on a clamp that was installed on a 630 mm PE100 discharge pipe in the region of Sharon plain. This line delivers sewage from three water utilities to a sewage treatment plant in the area. A conventional reparation would have required to stop the line and create a bypass (using pumps), to dry the pipe, cut off the section and replace-something that is nearly impossible to do and the cost would have been very high. Alonim was exposed to the problem by an engineering office in the area and together it was decided to use a DUOFIT D30 without stopping the line and draining the pipe.  It was installed over the clamp under pressure. The installation started at 9:20am and was completed at 11:30am- with in two hours the delivery line was rehabilitated without any sewage overflow or bypasses. Alonim continues to supply effective and economical Nova Siria products for water, sewage and drainage applications.


    02 May 2017

  • Installation in Saudi Arabia

    AWT/RAWAFID JV - Advanced Water Technologies and RAWAFID are responsible for the EPC Contract for the Khafji SWRO Desalination Plant. The owner of the plant is KACST.
    The Khafji SWRO Desalination Plant is located approximately 4km south east of the Kuwait border on the Arabian Gulf coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Artelia performed the complete marine studies and detailed engineering for the intake and outfall system. The seawater intake pumping station has a design capacity of 13,830 cubic meters per hour.
    The seawater is abstracted from the sea by offshore intake head structures and transferred to the onshore seawater intake pumping station by three 5km subsea pipelines.

    28 Feb 2017