Past and present

In June 2015 Nova Siria became part of the Austrian group Hawle, one of the international leaders in
quality and innovation of valves and pipe connection.Turin, 1932. "Società Idrotermica Razionale Industrie Affini S.I.R.I.A. spa" is founded. The company manufactures and installs heating and cooling systems and large thermal plants for buildings. In 1933 S.I.R.I.A. S.p.A. becomes a member of the Industrial Union of Turin and of AMMA "Association of Metal and Mechanical Industries" to which it is still associated today. After WWII the company activity is wider and focalizes on the water and plant sectors and ends up offering turnkey systems in the 60's.

In 1970, thanks to the favourable geographical position of the production plant at Brusasco, at the crossroads of the provinces of Torino, Asti and Alessandria, the production development can finally focalize on the main North Italian water utilities. In 1980 The Ferrero family purchases the Company and changes its name into NOVA SIRIA S.r.l. The new site for the company is Bibiana, at the mouth of the Pellice Valley.

The company enjoys a constant growth so that in 2006 two new plants are acquired at Roletto, a town between Pinerolo and Torino. The new facilities include areas dedicated to production and specific tests, with lifting equipment suitable for handling large-sized parts. The particular layout facilitates management of emergency production in parallel with standard production. Permanent display areas and a conference room with audio-visual facilities for technical and commercial training courses and meetings are also set up.

During 2006, the Italian sales network is completely re-organised through activation of new Agencies, in particular in the South of Italy. In 2006 a new company, CF RAPPRESENTANZE INDUSTRIALI snc, is added to the NOVA SIRIA GROUP as commercial partner for management of the Italian sales network alongside the Agencies and in synergy with NOVA SIRIA Italian sales management. Further, CF manages the sales and distribution of products and the representation of primary OEMs in the water, gas and water treatment companies targeting wholesalers and engineers.

The most recent important step is dated July 2009 with the the setting up of CF INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. which is aimed at the Multiutilities, construction and maintenance companies of water-gas distribution networks, retailers and engineers. The company soon becomes the reference point for a wide range of high quality products and solutions which are complementary to NOVA SIRIA product range. CF INTERNATIONAL closed in 2014 and its products are now promote and sell by NOVA SIRIA throught the C.F. LINE.

The years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 are characterized by important investments to speed up the internationalization process, through the participation in various International Exhibitons of the sector and the activation of new distributors in all the continents.

In June 2015 Nova Siria became part of the Austrian group Hawle, one of the international leaders in quality and innovation of valves and pipe connection.