The steady improvement of our global efficiency is our permanent goal. The targets of general steady improvement which are annually defined by our management team are aimed at our products (so that we can be more competitive on the market), at processes (reduction of internal costs and rationalization of resources) and at our service (in order to ensure our customers'satisfaction). Such targets are an important part of our medium term strategic plans and are consistently monitored to ensure the availability of all necessary resources: human, technologic and financial.
NOVA SIRIA has specialised for over 80 years in designing and manufacturing JOINTS AND FITTINGS FOR PRESSURE PIPELINES. Its history is proof of the fact that success and competitive excellence are the result of a research-oriented management which have striven to develop and consolidate the company's know-how to achieve maximum customer's satisfaction. Nova Siria's higher standards are the result of a set of managerial, technical and organizational aspects together with a strong propensity to innovation and to a high involvement of the human resources involved in the production cycle. Our structure allows a better reaction to market opportunities thanks to the quicker decision making which derives from the direct involvement of the Executives in the company's everyday life.

"The winner is one who knows how to work on products": research and development-oriented investments intended for product innovation have been NOVA SIRIA's winning weapon. In time, we consolidated our position as a company which is a "partner" ? not limited to manufacturing and supplying only, but open to solve the various technical, engineering, logistic and shipping problems as they arise also able to examine possible feasibility studies for special fittings to be fabricated on demand.

The network of our suppliers has always been considered a company asset of great importance. Our capacity to react and adapt to market requirements depends on our relationship with our suppliers. These are accurately monitored and alerted on our needs: they are like partners capable to increase the effectiveness of our actions for the sake of the common benefit.